Any tips on how to vape only every half hour? I constantly graze right now


Would like to limit my use to every 30 minutes


Are you sub ohm now ? What mg are you using? I’m sub ohm and vape 7mg and only vape about once every 20 minutes. Bluestar eliquid 6mg was like puffing air for me.


Yeah sub ohm 6mg. My problem is more of a habit type problem if that makes sense?


Maybe not a habit. Try 7mg next time you order.

With blustar you have to pay for 8mg and then put in the notes that you want it dropped to 7mg.

Blustar 6mg just ain’t satisfying. I’d be grazing on it too trying to get a hit.


The guy on the nic salt video you posted said he used 12mg in his vape. Judging by the clouds he made it looked sub ohm. 12mg sub ohm? Damn!


Sounds like you need more nicotine. I feel full after 7 or so puffs, and have to wait at least 20 minutes


I tried >7mg and my eyes looked wired and I felt like I had 20 cups of coffee. It was very uncomfortable.

Maybe order 7mg and 8mg test bottles and see how you get on.


Oh noes I just bought s litre of 6mg liquid!

Gonna try every 20 minutes and actually count out 7 deep inhaled. Currently I have like 1 or 2 small inhales every 5 minutes or so - don’t get a satisfying nicotine buzz from that


I’d still order some higher nic test bottles so you know for next time.


That is a really good idea!


I make my own 18 mg. It does the job


Just upped the wattage up to 25 watts


Use an e-liquid with no nicotine. Stick with it. Let us know what happens.