Anyone ever made jewellery?

has anybody here ever made any jewellery?

i’m just asking because i was thinking about going to a beads shop tomorrow with my friend and i was hoping something catches my eye and i can make some jewellery, my friend wants to help as well so it will be something else we can do in our spare time,

i was at a group recently (2 weeks ago) and i made some earings for my friend for christmas with some red and white and green, my aunt also makes jewellery in her spare time.


What do you make the jewelry out of? Glass, Stones, Silver?

I used to make jewelry. Made a few euros off of it… but my best friends makes jewelry for real though, she’s really good also.


not bad

would like to find special patterns, i tend to notice the finer things so hoping i have a good eye for detail, i love making things, i think it will be pretty good in this bead shop tomorrow (if we can get there that is) :confused:

reminds me of something i tried a long time ago and that was fly tying for fishing, it wasnt for profit tho just personal use but my heart wasnt in it so hopefully this new thing will work,

i’m trying to find things that can cheer me up and this is perfect and i might make a few bob from it as well


I make jewelry when I have some time…

I have to buy the chain and wire… but I like sea glass… (free)
I like adding stones and other small things I find on the beach.

My last big piece was a necklace for my sister’s 18th birthday.

I used 7 marbles from Ramune soda bottles with sea glass and shells on thin silver chain. I’ve tried to take a good picture of it… but my sis keeps wearing it.


I reckon Americans would be all over that European jewelry. If someway you could market it here. Maybe sell it to me and I’ll open a shoppe here selling Portuguese jewelry :smile:

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Knew a woman who made jewelry as an art form…and yet couldn’t anymore due to bad hand tremors (serotonin syndrome) and yeah I at one point thought of taking classes for it…but didn’t/


i was thinking about a nice brooch with some tartan incorperated but maybe thats a bit too advanced just now, i love all things Scottish, English, Irish and celtic, i have so many untapped ideas in this brain :blush: (the good part of it i mean) lol

i looked into a beginners class for this and i think it might be free but i was just thinking that i know how to make earrings so how hard could it be? lol

dont you just thread beads mostly and put ends on :confused:

Celtic stuff you can do a simple chain weave…

Look up the knot weaves on google… there are a lot of tutorials on using cord and cloth…

Once you got that down… then you can use jewelry grade chain and wire.


I’ve made some simple chain with silver wire + a few glass beads with the larger holes. You can find a lot of ideas + inspiration on pinterest. I like found things too + color. I wish I wore earrings. They can be elegant, but simple + don’t cost a lot to make.

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well, you might be working with metals rather than beads…silver? Took a blacksmithing course which nearly killed or maimed someone by my own hand…just wanted to hear that molten metal go “Shhhhhhhh!” in that water…and my girlfriend was driving me to suicide for lack of a trade and way to make money other than a disiability check which we both got…apparently the man has to do something worth an income in this world :fearful:

that sounds tough @mussel i was a welder back in the day, gas and mig, wasnt very good though but got away with it haha (its amazing what a good coating of under seal can hide :confused: wasnt dangerous though x i actually really loved welding tbh but it was very dangerous

@pob the earings wear pretty easy to make, just needed the right kind of pliers to loop on the ends and thats it. thanks for the tips btw, i welcome all and any help i can get, trying to drop this depression.

@SurprisedJ thanks for the tips, i hope its as easy as it looks haha and i’d like to see rileys necklace as well :smile: if you can seperate it from her that is haha

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think if i was selling jewellery i would need a really fancy box to sell them in

My Mom used to make all kinds of jewellry from beads.
She spent a lot of time at craft stores. The combinations are endless, she made a little money…

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i got some nice beads and a starter kit so i hope we can do something with it, me and my friend is looking for something to do in our spare time and the more options we have the better, i need the distraction sometimes.

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