Anyone Else wan't a shot?


Seems everyone wants a go tonight.

If you want to have a go at my general attitude, decorum or just genuinly don’t like what I do have a shot here!

Lets drag this out to the open!

FFS! I’m just a man who has schizophrenia!

paul. Rogueone.


You are actually showing up as one of my “most liked” posters. Lol I think you are quite popular!

What’s going on, rogue? I, for one, like you.

Did something happen?

Hey now, whatever anyone thinks I think you’re a pretty cool dude. You were one of the first people that ever involved me in this and I value your opinion considerably. You replied to me in metaphor applicably, respects to you and your attitude!

I appreciate your contributions here. You’re a very direct, honest, yet compassionate breath of fresh air. Sorry to hear that you had a rough night here - hope today is better.


I’ve never had any problem with you. I like your posts.

Hey paul ur a kind soul…hope rough patch pass fast…

Your posts have kept me going for over 25 year now!

I think that’s a record.
Love the Beard!

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