Anyone else raised by a single mom?

I remember growing up anytime someone would hear I had a single mom they would always say “Momma’s boy” still makes me mad all these years later lol.

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My Mom was single. She did a really good job. Worked hard all day. Ended up going to school nights. Became an Accountant. Retired comfortably. Never had men around, no drugs, limited alcohol. Lots of family gatherings with Uncles and Aunts and Cousins all around all the time. I was lucky.


I was an only child to a single mum who never had any boyfriends after I was born. She never spoke of my biological dad. Never knew what happened. But I actually found him a couple years ago. I’m 26 now. And we get along great. Oh and I met my three half brothers. My dad told me that him and my mum were dating for three years and he didn’t know I existed. Before that mum just told people that it was a one night stand.

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My mom was single. She used to be a Telephone operator. She broke up with my dad when I was about 2 and my brother was 3. Then my mom had an affair with a married man and had my sister. She raised us with little help. She married again when I was 12. But they didn’t even live together half the time and it didn’t last. So she had another boy to raise, but his father always helped her with things.

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