Anyone else not get their stimulus today?

Anyone else not get their stimulus today? My grandmother and cousin got theirs. I’m just wondering if mines late because they had to go through Social Security for my banking?


Some folks on here got theirs last week and some on SSDI or SSI are just starting to see theirs.

Haven’t got mine yet. Probably not until my bank opens.


My bank usually deposits them at 4 am.

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What time is it in your zone?

I’m Midwest so coming up on 5 AM here.

It’s 6 am here.

I got both prior checks on time with everyone else in family. This time everyone’s got theirs but me. My grandmother and I have the same bank.

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I haven’t received mine yet (I have SSDI, and usually receive them via early direct deposit), so I checked the interwebs. Here’s what I found.

Here’s hoping!

I got mine today, deposited in my bank. Based on my filing my 2020 income taxes a month or so ago.

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