Anybody's sexuality gone dormant on meds in middle age? Some unusual stuff is happening to me

Taking 5mg Zyprexa and 2mg Haldol. Have taken these meds for the past 5 years. I’m now on the lightest dose of these meds since I started taking them and am doing fine except my sexuality has kind of gone dormant in the past month or two. I say dormant as my desire isn’t there much anymore. I haven’t had actual sex in about 5 years and when I did I was so medicated I only lasted for a minute or two. It wasn’t very fun. Before meds I lasted at least 30 minutes and had powerful orgasms. Since meds, my desire has been there for the past 10 years I just haven’t lasted as long as I would like and have felt stifled. So I’m just trying to figure out what’s recently happened to me. Actually I’m not sure if my desire has diminished or that I’m just burned out on porn (I’m 39 years old, turning 40 soon). But then again I don’t find many women in the real world or in porn appealing enough anymore that I want to get one in bed. Looks are becoming real superficial at this point. If there’s a partner I seek it would be a mental one mostly.

As far as mental health I realized last year that I don’t actually have Schizophrenia. What really happened to me was I had kundalini activation about 10 years ago. It’s a long story and I’ve decided to write a book about it. It’s too much for here but you could say I went artificially nuts for about 10 years and now I’ve reached a state of apparent permanent enlightenment. For the past 3 years I’ve been happy about 80% of the time, am mentally stable and feel blissful like I am experiencing moderate orgasmic energy nearly all the time over my whole body and aura. I think it may not be the meds or the porn so much that’s resulting in my recent lack of desire but that I’m rather moving or adapting past being a sexual being into being an enlightened one. I feel a sense of oneness and an ultimate connection with God pretty much 24/7. Anyway, I’m not sure exactly what’s going on with my sexuality but I thought I would put this out there. I think doctors and psychiatrists are useless at this point as my experience makes me an anomaly and a lot of stuff I’ve been through is not accepted by science at this time. Therefore I would just get treated like I’m nuts or have doctors experiment around with their own theories on me which I’m not interested in.

I stay on the meds for a couple reasons. I’m considered disabled at this point. I’ve found they help me sleep and they seem to help ground me some. I may try and lower the dose and come off of them but they don’t seem to be hurting me at this point except for maybe my sexuality. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.

I turned 50 recently. The meds aren’t the issue. I’m having some cardiac problems that have left me with reduced circulation. You need circulation for uh, your equipment, to function properly. My hydraulics just don’t have the pressure right now. Hoping to get back to normal after the pacer surgery.

You sound like your AP doses are too low.

Schizophrenia is sometimes called kundalini syndrome in spiritual circles. It’s still schizophrenia, especially if you’re hallucinating. Sorry to burst your bubble.