Anybody watch the tv show 'Cheaters'

I caught a girlfriend cheating on me once , she reminds me a lot of the cheaters in the tv show, i.e. same attitude/personality type.

my dad use to watch it ironically he use to be a serial cheater.

Outch. Sorry to hear that.

he’s not so much anymore since smoking has damaged his lungs quite a bit.

Sorry to hear that too. I had another girlfriend once, and her father had a mistress, and the family knew about it. That was quite strange.

my dad has children with two of his ex mistresses. one’s older but still close to my age and another one is about 14 now. I always knew when my dad was cheating he got more paranoid about my mom’s infidelity even though she never cheated because my brother seldom leaves her side.

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I was in two marriages where I was cheated on. My first wife is a serial cheater and been married 3 times, and had countless relationship, and has cheated on all of them. I have a child with my first wife, so I had to keep up with her. My second wife left me and started another relationship during my onset. I don’t know anything about her. When we split up I cut all ties. I am now married again, and it has lasted 13 years. My current wife is very supportive of my illness, and I don’t know what I would do without her.

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On one those episodes someone got mad and stabbed the host with a knife. What’s the guys name? Joey Grecco or something like that?

Wow, I never saw that. I’ll see if I can find it on youtube. The current host is different, I wonder if that’s why.

Hmmm. It looks like cheaters might be staged.

I used to date a serial cheater. She cheated all the time on everyone. Nobody cared.

I feel cheated on by the tv show cheaters now. If it’s all staged.

Those kind of shows usually are. Sorry to break it to you…

I’m always the last to know…

You’re probably not the last, think of it this way, there are a lot of people out there that if you told them it’s fake they wouldn’t believe you and fight you for it. I know because it happened to me.

We had a kind of a Jerry Springer here in Portugal, and the lady that took care of my grandmother watched it every night. She took it very seriously, one day I told her it was all staged and she didn’t believe me, didn’t talk to me for a week.

Anyway, I’m not watching it anymore. Pity, it was interesting while it lasted. It looks like ‘reality’ tv is ‘augmented reality’ tv. That’s funny about your grandmother’s carer.

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I hate cheaters. If I knew someone was cheating on their partner I would tell their partner and not feel bad about it.

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