Confessions of an old man

I’m shocked and disgusted but not completely surprised.
My father who I never really trusted before admitted to me today that he cheated on my Mom his entire life.
He’s had multiple mistresses at his job where he worked for years.
The bottom line is he never really loved my Mom.
It’s all a big facade.

I trust him less.
He’s a big phony and hypocrite

This changes things for me now.
I am completely gutted

My brother takes after him

What else is he lying about?

Yeah I don’t trust him….


Sorry to hear that, I wouldn’t trust him either after a lie like that.


I would have been hurt if I were you.
But also I would be more undestanding. He did his life the best he could. I am sure he is not sorry for any of his mistresess.
I wouldn’t judge him, but is ok to be hurt.

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Woa :astonished:

I’m sorry that you had to hear that.


That sucks @Wave it makes their marriage a farce. This happened to someone i know too and it is just wrong

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The disgusting and hypocritical thing about it is that he’s got photos of her all over the house, many with them together

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@Wave im so sorry your going through this


Don’t know what to say…
Sorry buddy…
It must be difficult for you now.
But one day he’d be gone.
Try not to take it too much to your heart, I know it’s not easy right now.


That’s so horrible.
I wonder if your mum knew about it.

Not fair when one is faithful and loyal and the other isn’t.
The faithful one could have found someone who values them more.

If you want to see others you should break up or ask for an open relationship.

Sorry you dealing with this.

I heard a story about a spy being married to a person for thirty years or so and never loved them but was only spying on can someone be so cruel and fake?
Their partner genuinely loved them yet they were a spy.


My Mom was a smart cookie she probably had an idea.
I spoke to my brother and he said that my father never had other
lovers just went with escorts.

This is still hurtful as I loved my Mom a lot

My brother is on my side with this and he reminds me of the good things he did in his life.

My father sacrificed and dedicated his life to me.

He took me in to his house after my divorce when I lost everything I built up including my home.

He’s a good man, so now I have to separate what he did to my Mom.

Yeah I’m torn for sure


That’s good you can still see the good in him anc appreciate him.
Best wishes for you and your dad.

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When my Mom got dementia and became wheelchair bound my dad took care of her with my help

He never sent her to a nursing home.

I don’t doubt that he loved her.


Thanks @SacredNeigh7

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Wow I’m sorry to hear that

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Thanks @Twialine

Thanks @anon47426189 (zoa)

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I’m not trying to defend your father or his actions,

But you are just getting one side of the story.

You said your mom was smart.

She probably knew.

She probably got some sort of private revenge.

I don’t know,

I just feel like it’s in the past and it’s between them.

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Thanks @Ducky 1555555

Yeah thanks @Charles_Foster
My brother said it’s his business but it still hurts

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Thanks @everhopeful

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