Anybody quit clozapine/olanzapine and is now stable on a different med?

Which antipsychotic other than clozapine/olanzapine helped with your psychosis without causing weight gain?

I was doped up on olanzapine for a while in the state hospital. It did nothing. I would say the best medicine for the voices and paranoia without causing any weight gain is the med I am on now - Haldol.

I was on 20mg of Olanzapine, but I cut it down to 10mg. I then started getting really bad symptoms again, so now I am on Abilify as well. I started on 15mg and now on 30mg. Apparently it’s supposed to be weight neutral, but I am still waiting to come off the Olanzapine.

I was really angry I was left on the Olanzapine, as I have put on 50Ib since being on it. I am hoping eating right and Abilify will help, but time will tell.

Doesn’t haldol causes massive EPS(extrapyramidal symptoms) ? Do u take artane or cogentin with it? Have u noticed cognitive decline(like poor attention/concentration) while on haldol ? Plus I read it can cause tardive dyskinesia which may be permanent.

In MOST people, yes, EPS is common. But they are also prescribing at lower doses than they used to. For instance, they’ve found that 4 mg works just as well as 20 mg with a lot less side effects. I do not take Artane or Cogentin. No cognitive decline. ALL antipsychotics except Clozaril can cause TD.

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Except clozaril? That’s news to me…

I’ve tried abilify(aripiprazole) before, but it did not help with my psychosis. Paliperidone(invega) caused sexual side effects.

Now my pdoc is suggesting we try ziprasidone(geodon).

I was on both clozapine and olanzapine, and successfully got off them and was on risperidone for a while and went into remission. After my relapse five years later I started meds again and went back on risperidone for a while, now I am on amisulpride with good results. Then I was given olanzapine in a low dose (5mg) to take with my amisulpride (600mg). The little bit of olanzapine helps me with depression. On that dose of two meds I have been pretty stable.