Anybody ever been in a car accident? 🙃

I rolled my Honda by hitting a guard rail on the freeway going 75 miles an hour …
Anyone else been in a car crash?

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Yes intentional suicide attempt, drove my car at 150kmh in a snowstorm on ice. I was about to hit a car, I pressed on the break and my car glided and flipped in the air on ice after hitting the guard rail. I broke the window and got out of the window. Police said I am the luckiest they’ve seen and told me to get a lotto. They said I was over 150kmh but I don’t really remember.

I remember I was driving at 205kmh but not the exact speed when the accident happened.

Oh my goodness, you’re lucky to be alive. Yes. I’ve been in 2 accidents. I’ve been rear ended twice. One time I was just starting to move through an intersection and the car behind me rear ended me causing $750 damage to my bumper and giving me whiplash and my passenger a bruise on her knee. And one time I was sitting parked and a U-haul truck hit the rear of my car causing damage to the bumper, there were no injuries.

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Yes lost my boyfriend in a car accident when I was 17

Yes. Several. The worst was when I was 16.

the first car i drove, the brakes would lock up in the snow and ice. one time i was taking a turn and the brakes locked up and i slid into the sidewalk damaging my axel and the car was totalled. i wasnt hurt, i was going about 35mph, but never drove that car again. that’s my only accident. didn’t hit any other cars.

Its a weird choice I had, either hit the front car at 205kmh kill myself and others or hit the guard rail and kill myself, I decided to kill myself only!

In my accident I had fallen asleep behind the wheel :neutral_face:

I have rammed a car on low speed while driving on the main road when a car fron side road peeked into the main road too much. I was shaking after the accident

I was shaking too, police insisted that I took drugs but I didn’t take any.

Once in Brazil, I was on a huge coach, and the coach had to cross a river via two wooden planks. I was so scared cos of the flesh eating piranha fish.

drug dealer was gettin chased by the police, in the city, and he hit me goin sixty miles an hour. i had a fractured leg and needed wrist surgery with two plates. i was picking glass out my forehead for a week after the wreck.

In the bad accident I was in we hit a concrete barrier going 110 mph. It ripped the car in half. The driver and I were thrown into the barrier. The driver died and I had big cuts from the windshield, road rash, a broken ankle, and a bruise on my heart where I hit the barrier chest first.

I died and was brought back. My boyfriend at the time was throw. 30 or 40 feet and had road rash and a broken pelvis. My best friend was pushed in the floor board and had a couple broken fingers and toes. She got off easiest.

Oh my God- Wow!

I flipped one but have no memory of it. Broke my jaw. Bruised my wife’s hip. She doesn’t remember the accident either. We weren’t married then. It was our first date.

Yes someone from behind hit my car.

Yes when I was young… strained my pinky one time… was in a van and it stopped suddenly and I fell… another time my dads car was rear ended and i was in the back… had some neck pain… nothing too serious though

I flew out of a windscreen at 200 km/h .
That’s what saved my life because the car was crushed at the back and non identifiable.
The driver was drunk and we were around 16 years old.
We stole the car .we thought we were lending it.
I didn’t want to but did anyway.
I was such a bad girl.
When I hung out with a girl in Gothenburg she used to dominate me and threaten me to be bad and steal lollies from shops.
I hated it and hated that time of my life.
I was a pushover and felt tied up in invisible restraints even then.
I said no to a girl bossing me about a few weeks ago so maybe I’ve learnt how to say no.
Hope so.

I’m scared of most other people driving now.
The woman that raised me drive beautifully but most others I’m scared to be their passenger.

I had damage to my head and was unconscious for a while and was bleeding from my head and they never gave me a medical check because they were to busy saying I’m a bad person and judging me.
I might have got brain damage from that but probably had brain damage before that anyway.
But it was unprofessional that no one gave me a physical health check after injuring my head and being unconscious but they treated me like a criminal who doesn’t deserve health care.

I have not been in a car accident, but I was in an airplane accident once. That was 30 years ago when I studied in Michigan. I was flying back from Atlanta to the Upper Peninsula when the plane started landing in the snowstorm. When the plane was on the runway it suddenly went to the snowbank. Nobody was hurt and I got a limo ride to my destination in Michigan.