Any supplements that will help with voices

I need a supplement that will help with voices right now I take a multi n fish oil which have quite the voices. Which again I believe I have a imbalance somewhere I need to fix

Saracosine can help

Yea, I was thinking about buying some sarcosine.

There is a supplement called Amyloban 3399 that has helped some members of this forum hear less voices and have less positive symptoms. Now, it doesn’t work for everyone. But either way, I’d say it would be worth to try it atleast for a couple weeks and see if it helps you or not
Just make sure you try the one that’s called ‘Amyloban 3399’ before you try other brands, because that is the one that has had some studies backing it up

L-theanine helps calm me down

Thanks I will research it

I’m currently taking Lion’s Mane (Amyloban is Lion’s Mane but that brand is too expensive, so I use the one from, and a form of Niacin called Inositol Hexanicotinate, which is liver-safe.

I currently have almost dead silent voices, but the little bit I hear is annoying enough that I want to shut that off too. I want perfect silence in my head!

Interesting my voices are quitter, but want total sicense as well. I will research these already ordered sarcosine. Man I feel like chemistist. Why couldn’t there be a sure thing cure. I guess the brain is that complex.

I’ve tried nux vomica but seems like a fraud got it from a vitameb shop. Tastes like sugar, probably a placebo.

Nux vomica seems like a homeopathic remedy, an as will all homeopathic remedies it’s no better than placebo. You wouldn’t want to eat actual strychnine either, which is what Nux vomica contains.

Amyloban has a thread about it at: Amyloban 3399 (Lion's Mane) discussion

3 people on this forum have greatly reduced their voices with it so far.

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