Any of you have no any symptoms

Yes u are cent% right…i hope a lot from board institute …!!!


I always get confused about positive and negative symptoms…positive symptoms are delusional thinking right? and negative symptoms are like depression and anxiety?

@far_cry0 What about Israel? Ashkenazi Jews have a very high predisposition to schizophrenia so they should be looking into it quite intensely.

The father of “Anandamide” is from Israel and it’s thanks to him that we are looking into CBD.

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Cbd is still mysterious stuff …do u think cure will come during our lifetime…

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Nah. I don’t think so. But I have to keep on dreaming.

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Negative: what the illness takes from ur life.
Positive: what the illness adds to ur life.

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Positive symptoms affect my serenity or peace of mind. Negative symptoms affect my quality of life.

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Currently, I just struggle with negative symptoms like anhedonia, apathy, and some avolition but the latter isn’t so bad that I don’t do anything so I guess I feel lucky it’s not.
But generally speaking, I deal with positive symptoms like hallucinations and delusions, as well as a little of disorganized thinking/behaviors, as well as the negative symptoms up above.
Oh and I deal with mood swing problems as well, hypomania and mild depression.

i saw a post from you from like years ago something like u were on a med that got rid of your voices but u didnt like the med for some reason and now ur on abilify i think?

how do u do it? i hear voices too and i hate it so much i dont know how someone can have them for so long and not be trying to get rid of them

Someone should make a poll for this. I don’t know how

I hear voices. I believe my ear phones will grow stuck on my head. Haha. No, seriously, Music makes me cope with voices.

Yes, I’m still on Abilify. 25 mg.

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I have negative symptoms but I feel like I am responsible for that. We all are…

Is cognitive and negative symptoms the same thing? By cognitive I mean concentration/ memory/fried brain/disorganized type symptoms.

I only have some somatic symptoms and many antipsychotic side effects which are not related to the illness according to me.

No they are different. Negative symptoms refer to avolition, anhedonia, social withdrawal whereas cognitive symptoms primarily emphasise concentration, attention, memory etc.