Anxiety can come from your gut bacteria

My nurse friends have me taking them more seriously about my diet, probiotics are big on their list, these include yogurt, kefir, saurkraut and pickles. the more I listen to them, the better I feel, and the more I believe in it, here’s a story from ABC News on the same topic

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Diet is important—always for everyone…

Serotonin is also made in the gut.

So I wonder what happens if you’re constipated.

it means you’re in for a ■■■■ pile mess, because you’re not eating your homemade saurkraut

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Kraut tastes like it’s already been digested.


I believe most of my symptoms are the cause of my leaky gut. When i take probiotic supplement my symptoms exacerbates, same with probiotic food… Recently i started with only probiotic food and my symptoms are a little bit more than usual, but i am going to stick with it for couple of months and see what type of improvement i will notice once my gut starts to heal.

I can attest to this awesome stuff.