Antipsychotics = major tranquilizers?

@ Goggles, I have found vitamin and mineral deficiencies to be a cause of negative episodes, as well as depression and lethargy. that, and alcohol use.

I know when i drank a lot it makes me psychotic, basically…not killer psycho but just strait up whacked. But, I have gone through periods of time with a poor diet and not able to get supplements and after awhile i notice same thing can happen.

I could drink 2 - 4 drinks and be ok, but i choose not to even do that. 7 or more drinks and I start getting out there. Alcohol in larger amounts actually makes me hyper, not sedate me.

Meds, when i have taken them make me lazy, lack motivation, and unable to think as I usually do into deeper areas of thought. Haldol gave me Tardive at 10 mg and very bad tardive that was like seizures at 20 mg. a combination of saffris and trazadone in the hospital kept me awake for 2 or 3 hours with anxiety, and itching. The doctor changed the AP to Latuda and those symptoms went away immediately. But that made me sort of blah and constipated.

Yet when I spend a few days recuperating from all these ups and downs and start taking B vitamins, and Ginkgo, and Omega3 oils, don’t drink soda or eat junk food, I stabilize in 2 or 3 days and stay there. I’ve just found that health food, organic food, and supplements go a long way in alleviating the negative, and i don’t have to deal with the tranquilizing effect of APs.

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@BarbieBF You just are misunderstanding. When there is an upregulation of dopamine, more dopamine receptors are created, but the antipsychotic depletes them. This is what causes EPS/TD.

@e_lunaseer Good to know that u have find a med not so detrimental for you. And it would be great to quit alcohol. I think a lot of my symptoms have to do with side effects.

Please read my previous posts about iodine and thyroid disorders. There are many cases people with mental disorders are getting much better by taking thyroid in perspective, some psychiatrists are posting about their suggestions. If u can’t find the link, I can post again for you.

I’m taking the nutrients approach and I’m getting better every months. I’ve tried Ginkgo and Vit B12. So far, the best thing I’ve found is iodine. I don’t have positive and negative symptoms. But I’m seeing improvement in cognitive symptoms quickly, which is really important to me.

Yeah its quite deceptive to call anti psychotics major tranquilisers, as that would infer some sort of pleasant effect but the fact is there is no pleasant effect whatsoever. A more apt description would be "sluggish!

@ Googles…I quit alcohol last year, and I did have an 'alcohol related psychosis" before.
I already know about the iodine and thyroid. In fact a friend of mine just had a thyroid go out of whack and has had to see a doctor for it, so we were discussing this very thing a few weeks ago.

@ Karl, I have known people to abuse Seroquel.

Hi lunaseer~
Are you saying that you are not taking any kind of meds for sz? And that you have no positive or negative symptoms?
I am asking because my son has been on prolixin for years. He seems to have more anxiety then anything. He has been adamant about eating well and taking all these supplements. Stress seems to make him on edge all the time. He is hard to be around all the time-very negative. My Dad smokes pot—has for years. He was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. He is 80 years old. he has been able to keep a job all these years and take care of himself–but has a hard time with relationships ( including us ) He had ECT years ago. Took some kind of antidepressants for awhile, but thought it was all bad.
Soooo—sorry, I`m long-winded. Does a person really need these meds?

Everyone is different, so everyone reacts to things in different ways. So i don’t think there is a clear cut answer. I do know for myself and quite a few others that healthy diet, herbal and mineral supplements does the trick.

No, I am not on any kind of meds. I occasionally get depressed but not intensely depressed or for any lengthy period of time. I have not been having many visions or hearing anything in awhile…and what has happened is not intense. those kind of things don’t really bother me anyways, and only a few times in my life have voices been constant. Still I dealt with them.

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Hi @bridgecomet I’m not on any psychiatric medications for almost a year and I don’t have positive and negative symptoms. My parents know about that and they are okay with it as I am only getting better while off med, and I am getting better and better every month. When I was on med, I turned into a bedridden inactive person who can only get up for dinner in the evening every day. It doesn’t remove all of the positive symptoms and seems to bring about side effects and negative symptoms.

I agree that everybody is different and I think it is unlikely to work well if some perspectives are forced on us. I don’t think AP should be a long term solution. David Brownstein writes that nobody are AP deficient, why medicating ourselves for a life time. But a lot of people are nutrients-deficient and they do not know. I prefer natural supplement to synthetics in anyway.

@e_lunaseer I think I agree with what you are saying. Vitamin and mineral supplement really has a role and it’s potential to help is unbelievable.

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