Antipsychotic with no restlessness?

Hi all,
So in this thread called “Does anyone here take something for the restlessness you get with most antipsychotic medications?”, someone mentioned that there is an antipsychotic without restlessness, does anyone know which medication this is?. Thanks in advance, this is what I am looking for. The only thing that bothers me right now is the restlessness with Abilify.


Caplyta shows in trials with no restlessness, sep 363856 and karxt also has no restlessness but they are in trial


Oh ok, good to know. There must be one without restlessness… out there somewhere. Thanks for the tip. I guess it depends on how the antipsychotic works with your body. Maybe some people dont experience restlessness and some do… thats probably whats going on. But I still need people to give me suggestions on what has worked for them… need to find something soon… thanks.

Dont’ think my precius med causes resltessness during day more just from everything my body has been through but it isnt much worth mentioning

I think clozapine. And maybe seroquel. Because they are known to have least extrapyrimidal symptoms and I’m guessing restlessness sort of falls into that category. Double check with your pdoc though!

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Was on Serequel caused lethargy and sleepiness. Geodon caused me restlessness for first year and whenever I get a dose increase.

Did seroquel give you restlessness?.

This is great to know, thank you very much Raelyn!.

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You can check this meta study to find a medicine that suits you according to their side effects profile and efficacy

I don’t get restlessness on Geodon but maybe that’s just me. Invega didn’t make me restless either

I just had akathisia/restless on Latuda. I tried Zyprexa, Latuda, Abilify, Risperdal and Seroquel (for sleep with the Zyprexa).

I’m on ability and honestly I was gonna recommend it because restlessness isnt that bad in my case. Maybe you can lower ur dose? Idk

hypothetically if you look at how much D2 blockage different antipsychotics have, clozapine and seroquel (quitiapine) have the least chance of restlessness (the scientific term for that is akathisia). Both can do it though. I’m pretty confident in saying any med that blocks D2 at all is gonna have some chance for akathisia. So there’s no antipsychotic without restlessness but some have lower chances of giving it to you.

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Geodon and Seroquel are antipsychotics that don’t make me restless.

Seroquel did not give me restlessness. It’s sedating. I had to go through other side effects like difficulty swallowing at times.

I’ll try to lower the dose… but I am going to shoot for either seroquel or clozapine if in the end I have no choice but to take an antipsychotic. I am forced to take Abilify by injection now. Right now I have no rights and I would like to try a different antipsychotic but my doctor says there isnt very many options right now. I am challenging this legal battle with a review board and ill let you guys know how it turns out. Maybe ill be able to choose what medication I go on in the end. It really sucks, it does.

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God bless you! I really hope you win this because I know sometimes it’s like your opinion is not even considered. Good luck my friend

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I’m on zyprexa and only have normal restlessness like most people, meaning if I don’t use my body actively like excersise and go for walks every day I’m bound to get restless. Our bodies are meant to be active.

It’s worst from the afternoon til evening starts for me, so this is the time I should excersise, and then the restlessness mostly goes away.