Another Terrorist attack in London

I hope there are no casualties

There are stabbings in UK everyday, it rarely gets anymore new coverage, maybe in local paper. Where I lived in Essex it would be strange to go without a day hearing someone got stabbed in my neighborhoood. I don’t know why brits are so much into stabbing, but they are. Hence their love for mma and boxing, but they choose to do they dirty deeds with a sharpened metal.

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That’s awful! I hope no one was killed.

An eye witness said on the TV the person had canisters tied to his chest and was attacking other people with machete before the police shot him dead

I lived in Sutton Surrey years ago when i was in the Henderson Hospital ( a now closed CBT theraputic community) for a year - and never did i want to travel into central london, purely cos of the violent crap that went on. This was in 1999 - so im assuming its got alot worse.

Ive had knives pulled on me, in central london. And Brighton comes a close second to the druggie scumbags that would steal from your children as well.

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That’s horrible. You don’t even here about stuff like that in New York City which is like a major city in the USA.

In the US we average a mass shooting every week. Stabbings would be far less deadly.

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It’s a shame we get the focus of retaliation for tackling Islamic extremism. I doubt this will be the last we hear of things like this.

You’re right. I knew we had mass shootings. I didn’t know it was every week. I really don’t watch the news though.

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Apparently I was wrong. We average more than one a day.

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