Another monthly visit from mom...chinese food buffet!

It’s turning into a tradition…mom cracks me up…she doesn’t like to take a lot of trips to the buffet bar, but I go as much as I want and she asks me to bring her stuff…haha…funny to me…she is so generous to me I love waiting on her…makes me proud…she asked for dessert some soft serve ice cream and I made it really tall and curly at the top with hershey’s syrup all over it…she loved it.


That is funny! My mum, when she is out, piles two satchets of sugar over each other so it only looks like one. Out of fear of looking greedy lol


Plus when. Was a student my mum used to take me to a pizza buffet bar. Those were some of my favourite meals out with mum


thank you for sharing @anon94176359 I feel so close with my mother…we used to be distant before I got sick I kept to myself. odd guy then…

I love my mother so much.

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