Another Friday evening ... as usual

It is another Friday evening and I am alone as usual. Nothing new here, but I did get an used book, it was free from our library’s used books recycling area. It discusses how the modern Russia may behave in the modern global world, so basically where the double-headed eagle (a symbol of Russia) is heading. I have not read many books in the recent past, but this book sounded interesting and I may read few chapters of the book. It is written in Finnish, so maybe I spend this Friday evening a little differently from my usual Friday evening.


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Enjoy your book :slight_smile:

USA needs to strengthen our ties with Russia IMO. This doesn’t mean I’m voting for trump btw . But Russia’s where it’s at! I’m 1/4 Russian btw.

This Friday evening I will be watching COLLEGE FOOTBALL

While reading this book I realized that the traditions of the Cossack people and their culture are very important for Russia, after all the Cossack people have traditionally been the defenders of the Russian power already during the time of Russian Czars. But this takes me to another matter.

In the end of the 1980s just before I went to the USA I was shown a picture of one of my ancestry. He was a military person who lived in the 19th century and I was told that he was a Cossack. And then years passed and I lived in the USA and the year 1999 came, so 10 years had passed. Then somehow I remembered this picture that was shown to me 10 years earlier and of course, I wanted to be on the side of my ancestry, also in the war of Kosova. And so things evolved, but this was not as simple as it may sound.

After staying few years in my auto in America, I returned back to my native town and here I did some research and found out that the person in this picture that was shown to me in 1989 was not a Cossack at all. And so I realized that I had lived in wrong memories and delusions for so many years.

That’s that.