Angie came back for good this morning

It’s been back and forth but now we are together again. I am so happy. She didn’t believe I loved her, but I do so very much. I guess I’m a poor communicator. Anyways, happy new year.


goodman @jukebox

First let me say that by no means am I a relationship guru. I wonder though how a relationship with so many ups and downs can last? I don’t know either of you but maybe you should find a better relationship without so much drama?

Hope things work out for you @jukebox.


You must have resilience I could only dream of.

That’s good @jukebox I hope you two are very happy.

I’m happy for you wow what a rollacoaster

It was sheer hell @Malvok but I love her and she loves me and that stands for a lot with me. It originated with a misunderstanding that we argued harshly about and it just took a while before our love shined again. I appreciate your honesty.