Anesthesia made me recklessly flirty with nurses

I was in the ICU for my back surgery. I saw an attractive nurse come into the room, and blurted, “You look like Mila Kunis, and she’s pretty hot” (paraphrase, I can’t remember the exact words).

I wonder if I’d do well keeping that attitude off of the anesthesia…


Oh geez. I’ve just remembered something I blurted out when I was completely psychotic in hospital to a nurse. Fortunately in that hospital they were pretty professional and obviously understood I was completely out of it. Outch.


Meh. Don’t worry about this stuff too much. There are so many patients in and out in doctor’s offices and hospitals, I don’t think they even remember this stuff.


I flirted with my anaesthetist when I had my gall bladder out about nine years ago. I was tiny then (bulimic exercise junkee) and I had blonde hair. Anyway, I was in a blue gown on the bed and he came in and I had white compression stockings on.

He asked me how I was feeling (and he was a cutie) so I said I felt like Alice in Wonderland in my cute little outfit. And he said “Well you look like her, and I’m about to take you to wonderland.” GUSH!

Then later that night I bled out all over the bed and my blood pressure dropped dangerously low. All I remember were a bunch of doctors surrounding me asking me if I felt dizzy, but they kept moving the bed upside down sort of and I said of course I do, you keep moving the bed!

Oh and a nurse changed the bloody sheets with me still in the bed. I thought she was the coolest person on earth for that.

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How is your recovery going? Are you moving around ok?

@anon84763962 that’s a good story!

I’m moving around a lot better but still am sore as ■■■■ … I just play drums, listen to music, and go on walks… life is pretty uneventful. How was your day? (What time is it where you live?)

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It’s 11.07am.

The council is resurfacing my street today so I can’t go out. I could walk to the shops close by but, meh. It’s hot. I’m in Melbourne Australia.

Oh the most horrifying experience when I was in hospital for my gall bladder was that night. After I had bled out and lost a lot of blood. Another older nurse came in and woke me up and forced me to pee. I couldn’t, I didn’t need to go and I can’t just go on demand. But she was standing outside the door, banging on it and saying “If you don’t go yourself I’m going to come in there and put a catheter inside you!” She was a cow.

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I wouldn’t worry too much what you say when you are under anesthesia. I bet they get lots of stranger things coming out of peoples’ mouths when they are under the influence of anesthesia still.

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None of my nurses were that bad.

When they removed my cathader I yelled. It hurt like a mother.

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Yup Catheters are no fun. A little story, I was in the ICU and had mine in. They took it out and said “go pee”, I tried but I couldn’t get any out. This was when I was coming to and the painkillers were wearing off, so when they put it back up there, it was really uncomfortable. Because I was doozy from the painkillers and not thinking straight, I asked my mom if they can bring me to mcdonalds, maybe I’d be able to go there. Lol a guy with tubes everywhere being wheeled in a hospital bed to McDonald’s to pee… needless to say, I forced pee out like I’ve never forced it before.

Sounds like something Kelso would do.

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