An update on myself

I have found a health club that suits my needs.
In parallel to going to health club, I train a lot at home, including several exercise machines that I have at home.
I also go to sauna and tanning salon for health benefits.
I suffer from intrusive brain content(voices, intrusive thoughts etc) to a significant degree, but I hope it will eventually subside.
I hope to resume university studies that were cut off by a psychotic break.
I am off medications and it will probably stay that way.


If you have to stay off meds and are still interested in something safe that will reduce symptoms, give Amyloban 3399 a try, it’s from a mushroom and there are almost no side effects with it (doesn’t worsen negative symptoms, for example.) It has helped a handful of people on this forum stop their positive symptoms, like MrSquirrel and Moonwalker and me. Really good stuff that has allowed me to reduce my antipsychotic dose (with a pdoc’s approval of course.)

Huge thread about it:

I wish you well @Chess24.


Very good to take care of yourself! Keep at it! Hoping the best for you!

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Tanning salons have no health benefits at all,

They cause cancer.


Please do the spray tan at the tanning salon.

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