An interesting gift packaging idea for Christmas

I was looking around a few days ago trying to find something interesting to give my dad for Christmas. I stumbled upon this Duluth trading company puzzle box to put gifts inside.

It doesnt look like the puzzle is that difficult to solve, but I think my dad will enjoy the challenge for a few minutes. I will be putting a gift card inside.

Anyway, I thought it was a unique way of giving a gift so I thought I would recommend it.

I also found something from Man Crates that I though was interesting. They have this like cement block that you have to break to gain access to a gift card thingy inside. I didnt get this however, because with mark up and shipping it would cost 150 for a person to get a 100 dollar present. Seemed a bit too much of a markup. But its a cool idea, IMO.

ANyway, theres my thoughts. Feel free to post your own gift ideas or comment on my thoughts here.

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Nice stuff from that site. The food stuff looks good.

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