Amyloban 3399 Cure musical hallucinstions

I have really bad musical hallucinations. There is an energy to everything and I am very sensitive to energies. The second I took Amyloban 3399 my musical hallucination quieted from a 9.9/10 to a .2/10. I get these non stop throughout the day and as I am writing this I am noticing that they are as close to non exist as possible. Right now is the first time in such a long time that I feel like I have peace of mind. This is truly incredible. I kind of can’t believe this. I know it sounds like it may be placebo but I dont think this kind of stuff really goes away by placebo especially when it’s on going. This stuff is a miracle. You must give it a try.


Right on.
Check back in a couple weeks.

@naturallycured u been on this mushroom right …???

Glad to hear that!

Big thread about it here:

All discussion of Amyloban should be limited to the thread for it.

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