American TikTok user causes uproar with 'British eggs' recipe

Watching Tik Tok was their first mistake. Me, I’ll settle for chips n egg. It’s a staple in our home.


I want to taste it.

I like egg and chips . I’m crap at breaking the egg though(the yolk often spreads wider than a yoga teacher’s legs) so don’t have it very often .


Where does she get her info from?! She’s clueless!!!

The real test of British heritage is producing proper bubble and squeak. I like mine with a soft poached egg on top. One of the few things I remember of my grandfather is him teaching me to cook this when I was about seven.


Brussel sprouts or cabbage? I prefer sprouts . Fried egg/poached egg and bubble and squeak is good . You can get commercial versions, but home made is definitely best .

We tend to have leftover sprouts around here, roasted with garlic. Cabbage occasionally. I love potatoes and always have some in the fridge that are cooked and ready to reheat.

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What’s your fave chippy sauce? Mine is a combo of vinegar and HP Sauce, which is readily available across the pond.

Mayo,tomato sauce . I like onion relish and sweetcorn relish but not so much with chips. HP sauce is OK . To tell the truth my knowledge about sauces is very limited .

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I think my husband would like that.

Mate you have got to come to Edinburgh. Here the chip shops just call it brown sauce - they say ‘salt and sauce?’ In Glasgow it is ‘salt and vinegar?’

I was there for a couple of days about 33 years ago. Mostly spent my time in Europe touring France. Wobbled drunkenly around the countryside on a bicycle sampling all types of vintages. The French are so kind.

The french love it when you speak french. As I recall you are pretty fluent but in my experience they appreciate any attempt

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It’s funny people are getting mad at how a random person makes food. Who cares?everybody eats different crap different ways, but it all comes out the same.

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