Am i considered recovered ?!

i been about year and half with no hospitalization and working as normal people
am i considered recovered
anyone has an idea about that ?


It depends how you feel and cope I think.
If I was hearing voices like you are then for me it would not be recovered cos they stress me out


I’m going to go with no just based on the things you’ve said here in the last day or so.


I’m glad for your accomplishments, and you feeling better.


Not recovered, but I’d say you’re managing your condition well and that’s no small thing. You should take pride in that.



You’d be considered stable.

There’s technically no “recovery” from mental illness. I believe in psychiatry if one goes 6+ months without symptoms they’re considered to be “in remission”. But something in remission can come back out of remission so you should keep that in mind.


Then, @Anna, I’ll stop calling myself “recovered” and call myself in remission.

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Is this your opinion, or is this a scientific fact (provide citation(s))?

I believe (my opinion) that people can and do recover from mental illness. What you are doing is giving people false hopelessness. And that’s a terrible thing to do.


I think to be in remission you go without treatment without receiving treatment (meds especially). I blow up if I go long enough without meds. That’s with the SZ. In my case it’s managed.

In terms of alcoholism, I’ve got 26 years of sober living in. I still don’t consider myself recovered. I’d say I’m in remission.

I dunno.

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There are many medical conditions that require daily medication for the rest of a person’s life (heart disease, diabetes, HIV, thyroid, blood clotting disorders, etc,), so I don’t premise recovery on not taking medication.

I define recovery as having a full life in the community where you are able to make decisions, important decisions, in your own life.

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I do this. I even help others make important decisions. I’m also part of my community.

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What? It’s not my opinion? I learned it in my psychology courses? Hence why I said technically?

In the field of psychiatry they don’t like to use the word recovery. I have my own opinions on that. Please don’t jump the gun to make judgements yeesh.

If you don’t have symptoms or have just minimal symptoms, you’re symptomatically recovered. But you can be symptomatically recovered while not being functionally recovered.

I think you’re taking that way more personally than it was intended. At least from the way I’m reading the situation. It was a simple question.

Were u ever really ill? Are u a different brain but the same mind?


You cited Psychology Today, but I’m citing the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which states that a substantial proportion of the number of people with schizophrenia can and do recover:

I never said recovery was impossible. I said psychiatrists don’t like to use the term recovery. This is simply what I learned in school. There a number of other sources online that say this. I picked psychology today because the format was easily readible and not dense like a scientific article. They are a reputable magazine. Things are currently changing to take a more recovery oriented view. However there has been debate as to what “recovery” should be defined as. Here is a scholarly article that talks about all of this, the desire to change to a more recovery based system, the impact of psychiatrists not utilizing the term recovery, and the debating among different definitions. The scientists here offer their own view on it as well.

My intention was not to make anyone lose hope. Was just stating what I learned.

@LED she was being very judgemental, she’s made judgemental posts on my posts before, and I’m having an unpleasant day and am tired and grumpy and don’t have the patience for it

Go out there and make your dreams come true!!!

Some people recover fully and others stop having symptoms if they take meds, but you don’t know when it hits you
Let’s take an example, I I did not have any symptoms for montsh, and feeld great until a few hours ago when somebody called me something i it Hurt me