Am I being taken advantage of? I hit a car

I was backing out a parking spot, and a hit a van. I am no stranger to accidents, and in fact I recently had to get new insurance due to being dropped for too many claims. I didn’t want my new insurance to raise or drop me so I’d begged to pay out of pocket for it. The couple was nice enough to agree to let me pay cash…2500 that is. The damage isn’t a even a dent, but a patch of tiny paint scratches. I think the price is a little steep, but it would save me from a claim. Should I take the heat from their insurance company, or pay the 2500 (which I can afford, but really annoyed by the price) ?

You’ll pay a lot more by claiming it in the long run. I’d pay the $2500

You don’t know for a fact that they won’t sue. Were cops involved for them to have proof?

And tbh it might cost them a lot to fix it. I was hit by a woman in a parking lot and a scratch and barely moved bumper cost me $800 to fix. Not even to original.

Maybe tell them you will pay whatever it costs to fix it, but ask them if you could please see two or three estimates from body shops. It’s worth a shot. They may not be cheating you deliberately, but they may be mistaken or they may have gotten that figure from a dealer who usually charge more than the average garage.

2.5k sounds like a lot
If the damages are truly minimal
Got to do what you got to do though, maybe figure out a way to give them less if your going down the route of trying to not to get a claim

If you don’t want to get insurance involved,

You’ll have to pay the $2500.

Whether or not they’re taking advantage of the situation doesn’t matter.

You keep hitting cars and are now in a situation where you could get kicked off another policy.

I’d just pay.

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I would report it through your insurance.
Get the cops involved.
Lots of things can go wrong and you might get sued.

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In Illinois the police don’t have jurisdiction in private parking lots. So no citation would have been issued.

That is nice of you to take accountability, but at $2,500 for some scratches I would have made up a story and claimed it was their fault

Thanks for the answers you guys. My mom said 2500 is too much for some damn scratches. I will put in a claim, most likely this person saw me backing out but tried to keep driving anyway

What kind of story would that be ?

I would do it properly through insurance.

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Like you said, they were speeding through the parking lot

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