Am done from now on here

Its been really nice talking to a lot of guys here.

But I have decided to quit this forum.

I wish you all the good health and great happiness in your lives.


And I do KNOW a Lot of Folks hate me.

Sorry if I WAS an irritant (dint intend) .

I’m sorry you feel that way.
People here just worry about you.

I trully hope you find the best approach for your illness. There are more paths out there than just medication.
CBT is always a good try.

Hope the best for you.


same here. TC!


We don’t hate you. We’re frightened for you and hate to see what’s happening to you.

Take care, and never think just because people say things you don’t want to hear that you’re not welcome here. Best of luck.


**Come back anytime-take care of yourself :leaves: **

Good luck. You are always welcome back here. You weren’t irritating. We just all try to give each other reality checks when we need them.