Alone, alone, alone

In the end everyone will leave and I will die alone.

My dogs will die someday. I would have no one.

My parents will pass away too.

And my friends are not here anymore so…

I’ll probably die alone.

No one will love me anyway.

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Haha me too.
But i don’t give a damn

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But today you live! All there ever is is today! Right now in fact.

Cease it and don’t fret for the future as all you will ever have is now! :slight_smile:

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Me too for the most part. But I have a sister and nieces and a nephew.

Don’t you have brothers and/or sisters with kids @laetitia ?

I don’t think you should be concentrating on your death so much.

My brother is a university student. He just had a breakdown and said that “You allow @laetitia to yell but you never let me yell. You always allow @laetitia to breakdown but you never let me do that. I’m pissed off at her.”

I am a nuisance to everyone. I must die soon and this is the only way to solve this problem.

My mom always cries because of me. When I die, I can make her worry less and make her forget about me. This way she can focus on my brother more and lend her funds to him.

If I continue to live I will be a nuisance to everyone. I must die.

If she cries for you now, imagine how she would cry for you if you were to die. I’m sorry that you are feeling this way again laetitia.

My brother just confirmed my suspicion. The only way for him to stop saying this is for me to stop existing.

Just because your brother is mad at you doesn’t mean he wants you to die. I’m sure he doesn’t.

I’m pretty sure he does. He has had enough of me.
I just don’t have courage to end my life. It scares me.

Thats good because we here at the forum don’t want you to end your life. We appreciate you.

Thank you.

I just can’t seem to bring the meds into my mouth. It scares me that I will do something like that again.

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Yeah, don’t do that laetitia. Might just end up in the hospital anyway. Have you tried any of the hotline numbers that they have listed here? Maybe talking to someone over the phone instead of through this forum might help?

I tried. No one picked up… :frowning:

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Well thats a pretty lousy

Welcome to the club. I have no friends, no wife/gf. When my parents go I won’t have anyone.

I have my brother but we don’t have much in common.

lol…this is not the first time they didn’t pick up.

They’re always like “please stay on the line, your call is important to us.”

and then no one picks up for 15 min. I’m like, are you kidding me?


Yeah, they are lucky it wasn’t an emergency I guess. I guess they must have so many calls they have to do that.

i’ll end up alone too… my mum asked my brother if he would take care of me when my parents are gone and he said he would… so i guess i don’t have too much to worry about but it still scares me to know my parents will be gone one day…

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