All the things you need money for but didnt have it? when you truly need it!

my list is to long how about yours…

Needs and wants are two different things!?!

I have food, shelter and water that’s all anybody truly needs. My want list however is very long also.

Bread and roses.

I need dreams and relationship,that’s for now

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Just like always… what I need… I can’t buy.

I need perspective… calm… patience… stability… lucidity

What I can buy right now… I don’t need. (6:00 a.m. and only the corner store open)
So I can buy… Fuzzy dice
potato chips

Mmmmmmm, doughnuts! Oooh and it is Sunday, the doughnut place up the street is calling me.

I need to change my 3 light fixtures that my ex put in this house, they together take 14 bulbs, and they cost $8 apiece, and only seem to last less than 6 months! That’s $112 for 6 months.
Think he did it on purpose (hehehehe )