All Nighter tonight

I have a feeling I am going to be up all night so I hope there will be someone to talk to on here

Boogie man is always around

I will probably work on my book too

I’ll probably go to sleep when I always have. Have you been sleeping?

I slept last night, but not the night before

I sleep so much, napped three times today so will be up late

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Well hang in there. You should always give sleep a chance I think.

Thanks! I am going to try to sleep. My fingers are crossed

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I am going to bed in 15 minutes. But it usually takes me an hour to get to sleep.

goodluck with the nightowl thing.

It is just 7:45 here. I will prob go to bed around 10 and hope I sleep

I could phone you at 2 am and see if your sleeping

reminds me of the old days when there was call services that would keep calling in the morning to wake you up


Same time here, going to bed at 8. Be up for 7. 11 hours.

ha! I am bad about not being able to go back to sleep if I am woken up

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