All i do is get high

For thbe past few weeks or so… Especially this last week. As soon as i wake up and as much as i can im smoking weed.

It’s not good for you and will lead to problems.

Not many around here can smoke weed and function. It’s just the breaks. I see you struggling with function and it could very well be the reason why. You probably should stop and straighten out somewhat.


i dont even drink alcohol, let alone weed

just saying i dont think it is helping your symptoms :frowning:

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It actually helps the symptoms. I rarely hallucinate while high and my paranoia eases up

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On days i work i get way more paranoid because i have to leave the house and not smoke for 8 hours

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Another mod may open this but I consider this just like how we deal with alcohol. Yes I understand weed is out there in our community and it’s not a big thing with most populations or countries these days but it’s still a major issue here for those who suffer.

You are complaining about loss of function and it’s probably the weed that isn’t helping. I would seriously consider stopping and move from there.

I’m shutting this down because it’s no different to me than managing alcohol abuse. It’s still a problem that is legal in our communities.