All christians check in here

Since the pagans get their own thread I thought I would start one for the christians…if you’re christian post here.

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Total belief all the way! cant live life without Christ!


Yes i believe in Jesus Christ!

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:raised_hands: God’s probably mad at me right now because of some of the decision making I’ve been doing… But he knows I’m trying and I know he’ll forgive me. But j am a christian and I’m thankful for God and Christ. They give me hope to keep going and I get messages from God when I really need them and it’s the coolest thing. :slight_smile:

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My voices are Christian somteimes they check in and take me over.


That must be helpful.

I dont have a choice

A lot of them are telepathic intercessors putting the voices of poeple who I think are christian in my head.

The worst is they take over my feelings.

Oh. I only said that must be helpful because my mind is usually going on and on making me worry and obsess over nothing, and god intervenes (or just someone looking out for me) and gives me a break from my mind and tells me what I’m doi g wrong and I realize I’m freaking out over nothing or I realize I’m having a delusion that people can hear my thoughts out loud.

Basically I get mental clarity every once in a while and its nice and comforting.

But I’m sorry you feel taken over. :frowning:

I feel my thoughts were heard by all christians and I have been disaplined telapathically for my thoughts

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I’ve felt like this also. I just tell myself I’m allowed to think however I want to think… I talk myself through it. “Its a delusion thinking my thoughts are being heard” “think simple thoughts”

I wish I had better advice! But know you’re not alone. Are you currently on any meds?

I am on a anti depressant and antipsychotic.

My antipsychotic at a higher dose gives me breaks during the day from this

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Good… I am currently not on any meds. It’s toughbut I try to just talk myself through my problems

Since this is a christian thread I can ask you guys to do this for me…

Please pray for me!!!


Heard this song a couple days ago

Lecrae - Prayin’ For You

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I’m a Christian! :grin: I respect that people have to find their own way, though. God sees each of us for who we are and only He knows who is close and who is far. :two_hearts:

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i’m Christian, i believe in God and Jesus and that he died for us on the cross and if you believe in that little bit yourself you can be a Christian too. its not hard and you will have everlasting life isnt that amazing :slight_smile: but yea it your choice its just really sad if you turn away from it really

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