Alison Brie's 'Horse Girl' Is a Surprisingly Personal Take on Mental Health

“I’ve always had a fascination with my grandmother’s mental illness. I really spent my life hearing my mother tell me stories about her mother’s paranoid schizophrenia and what it was like to live with someone who’s experiencing that,”

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It’s very interesting, thank you.

A quote:

At one point in the film, Sarah tells her therapist, “People always said my grandma was crazy…She got put into a place like this, and then Reagan closed down all the hospitals and she got put out on the streets and she just died as, like, a homeless woman.”

It’s a fleeting but highly specific reference.

“The Reagan thing is truly a real-life quote that my mother would say to me all the time,” Brie said. “That is one of the main things that resonates with me when I think about my grandmother’s life—how she died as a homeless woman living in Santa Monica on the streets. That scene actually contains the most personal information to me in the film.”

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