Alcohol consumption causing cancer

741,000 new cancer cases linked to alcohol consumption, study estimates (

“Men accounted for three-quarters of all alcohol-linked cancer cases. Oesophagus, liver, and breast cancers were the most common linked to drinking. And, while heavy drinking accounted for most of the cases, one in seven of all alcohol-linked cancers were associated with moderate drinking.”


My step father was a functioning alcoholic and died of stomach cancer. He smoked tobacco as well, so that didn’t help.

I gave up alcohol nearly 3 months ago now. Living a clean and sober life these days. I was worried that I’d be depressed being unable to escape reality, but have been surprised to not be so far.


Smoking and drinking is a double whammy. My aunt drank a fifth a night and got liver cancer at age 50. She had to get a liver transplant. I also have 2 uncles that are drinking themselves to death. They are functioning alcoholics. They both have good jobs. My mom got lung cancer 3 years ago. She’s doing ok for the time being. I’m 44 and been smoking 30 years. They just found two growths in my lungs.

I drink on occasion but it’s never been a habit for me. My vice were other drugs.


That is worrisome news. I hope you get the all clear.

Congratulations @labratmat on not drinking. Good for you.

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Sorry @Wantsome480 I hope things turn out ok.

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My mom is in her 50s and is an alcoholic. Has been my whole life and I’m 28. Makes me really worried for her.

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I gave up drinking almost 2 years ago. Sometimes it’s hard not having that crutch when things get bad, but I have to remember that it was actually making things worse not helping.

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I can understand alcohol addiction because it can make you feel good, albeit temporarily and then you need more and more of it to get the same high. I never really got cigarette addiction as it never made me feel good. I just used between cannabis highs to get me through.

It seems to me like there is a worldwide epidemic of addiction with everyone wanting to escape reality. Life as we know it simply is not satisfactory enough and the amount of trauma people go through is staggering. All the trauma left unprocessed by the mind, and not counselled; and the capitalistic life is not rewarding at all.

There will be a pill for depression, or anxiety and there is an ever increasing number of dependents on them, but the root cause remains unaddressed.


I’m actually kind of enjoying it.


Well there are the exploiters and the exploited… Take your pick :wink:

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I go in, I work hard, I get paid. I also pay taxes that keep others afloat. On top of that I donate to charity. Where’s the problem here?

@velociraptor @labratmat this is not a political discussion please dont derail.

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