Alcohol-related cancer to kill 135,000 in England by 2035 – study

Drinking causes cancer.


Glad I gave it up years ago


In my youth i remember i drank very little …But that time i used to smoke a lot like 30 stick a day…!!!

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This topic is little bit killjoy on New Year’s Eve.

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I agree and don’t believe it.

Im glad that I don’t do drugs or drink booze.
I quit smoking cigarettes a long time ago.
My only bad habit/addiction is over eating.

I eat like their is no tomorrow.
It’s really disgusting.
I must say that it’s probably the Depakote and Risperidone causing me to over eat.

I’m sorry to hear that I also have some eating issues, I think they’re larger than I have thought lol.

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I’ll wake up and I’ll feel queasy and sick from all my anxiety so I won’t eat breakfast just flush out my system with a couple cups of coffee. Then by the end of the day before bed I finally eat at dinner time. I think I have an issue eating and processing food, I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome years ago but I had gotten a bit better with a medicine change and excluding some of those meds.

I drank like four beers last night, I live in misery and I drink to be numb and feel better. It’s a horrible habit to have and is probably the main reason why I’m 303 pounds heavy. I keep gaining weight no matter what I do and I don’t know if I can live without my beer and booze and pot. Because without it things seem too horrible really to go on. I know that sounds really hopeless but it’s my lot in life. So I drink to ease the pain of my horrible past and horrible illness.

I just hope someone can understand what I go through day to day as they rape and hit me and torture me. I think I’m a targeted individual, and they’re trying to silence my knowledge of war crimes committed against service members without their knowledge. It’s nuts, and I just don’t know if I can handle things without the fixes I have.

I would have liked to get a response from you on the chip in my new debit card

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It’s the new Battle Of Britain.

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Even in America kids r drinking at younger and younger ages even the average age for people in recovery has become lower. I remember talking with a friend from AA about it whos now in his 30s, and he was talking about him ubering college kids back from the airport and they were talking about going to a music festival and he told me “if this was 10 years ago those kids would have been in recovery with the smorgasbord of drugs they were talking about.”

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