AI to revolutionise drug development by 2026


  • The report is based on the insights from 250 global pharmaceutical companies and predicts that AI will transform every area of the industry, from drug discovery to drug manufacturing, within the next two years.
  • The report also forecasts that by 2030, more than half of the drugs approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will involve AI in their development and/or manufacturing.
  • The report reveals that pharmaceutical AI companies have become the most appealing investment option for venture capital, surpassing late stage and early stage biotechs.
  • The report identifies several applications of AI in the pharmaceutical industry, such as manufacturing optimisation, regulatory submissions, clinical trial design, patient recruitment, and target discovery.
  • The report highlights the potential benefits of AI for improving health outcomes, reducing costs, and accelerating innovation. However, it also acknowledges the risks and limitations of AI, such as ethical issues, data quality, and regulatory challenges.

Like they are also publicly listed companies that make a lot of money so articles like this drive up the share prices without any real outcomes. It could take years to see good advances especially if you look at the history of psych meds.

Yeah I get it. Lets get there first is all’s I’m saying as a consumer of 20 years.

Fair enough but I’d also think big pharma would be eager to adopt anything that improves the development process. I think it’s still only 30% of any kind of drug that makes it past the preclinical stages that actually make it to market. Psych meds are way worse at 10%. I’m sure anything that promises to improve those numbers would be welcome.