Ahhhh! I'm schizin

I’m schizzing out! No not really just, just a bit moody for some reason. How are you guys doing?

I can act mean or cold which I am working on
so forgive me if I offend anyone.

Good on my end, been up since 10pm last night though. It’s midday here now. Going to have a shower, feed the pets. plug the laptop into my tv and watch some netflix and head to bed. :smiley:

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That sounds pretty awesome to me, i love nights like that.

I’m at my friends. He is cooking us salmon and shrimp, listening to some techno music. The music is disturbing me so I’m in his room.

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Mmm sounds delicious and healthy, i love shrimp and fish. It’s healthy and delicious.


Aha! gotcha! Cheating! :imp:

Jk, having a good time, yes?

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Lol hes just having fish and shrimp at his friends house.

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Yes, I’m laying in his bed and it’s sooo comfortable! We don’t have sex! :angel:

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Looks like trout is on the menu? :-p

I wonder what’s up with the Bruce?
@brucewillis hey we have a strippers of all kind in our boudoir!
You know “Still Dre” video? That kind of stuff lol

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I liked your picks, no offence but you look like a hot stripper in one.

=p 15 characters

Have you seen the boudoir lately? I recruited strippers.

Hah, thanks. Stripping is an art, I would break my legs or at least get a permanent back pain :slight_smile:

Can’t post anything more there :cry:
Stupid restriCtions

Seriously!!!? From WHAT!?

wtf! How many posts are you allowed in a thread?!

Breaking legs and back pain mmmmm. Sounds sexy :stuck_out_tongue:

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Idk just says " new users can’t reply more than three times at the same thread" lmao but I already made like 20 posts there.
I’ll miss my mafia family.