Afternoon coffee anybody?

I just made some espresso coffee and reading posts here while drinking coffee. Makes me to feel refreshed in this sunny afternoon when temperature is close to 25 celsius which is quite warm here at this time of the year in my area.


I’m having my morning coffee, it’s almost 9 am. I’m gonna make pancakes with maple syrup

It’s 13:45 here, having coffee also :smile:

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how do you make an espresso? turkish way or do you have a machine? I have Tassimo

I am from the UK so we generally have tea here in the afternoons.

But in the UK tea is usually taken strong and with milk. Mostly not that fragrant.


I just have a coffee maker, nothing special, some time in the past I had a espresso coffee machine, but not now.

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This is what I drink, one of these costs three euros at my local grocery store.

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People in Finland and Netherlands drink most coffee in the world …

after trying every coffee in my grocery store, I found this one works best for me, it’s 18$ lasts about three weeks. I buy the dark roast. I also make turkish coffee sometimes.

I in UK
Think I’ll have tea
Tea bags or pot of fresh leaf?

Have you ever wondered why you in the UK drink tea instead of coffee …

Spider on caffeine built the best web

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Coffee is popular with Americans
Funny enough when lived in bermuda I used to love filtered coffee

Americans drink coffee instead of tea because of the tea tax and the Boston tea party in the Revolutionary War.

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So Americans discovered that it is better fight wars when consumed more coffee instead of tea, improves your attention, memory, concentration and others, no wonder English troops lost the revolutionary war, spider builds the best webs when on caffeine :smile:

I’m sure this thread isn’t helping @wave, sorry Wave.

cuz I’m drinking coffee too, and planning the day.

Good morning, or good afternoon everyone!

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Hey Daze, no I have decided to go back to drinking coffee - the withdrawals were Hell.

I figured that coffee has some health benefits also - I am drinking my morning cup right now :smile:


I can feeeeel that poisoning scent :yum:
Anyone like turkish coffee?
It’s like a coffee’s hard core lol.
Yep. Great excuse for another break.
Coffee break!

Almost 9:30 am for me here. Sipping green tea and waiting for my family to wake up. Everyone is sleeping in after a long day of picking the daughter up from camp yesterday. Making banana pancakes when everyone is up.