After a change of genetic parameters,

I will study mathematics, look to do a Phd in mathematics and be a mathematics researcher/lecturer,
working either in the Hebrew University(of Jerusalem) or in a college in the Jerusalem area.

I see, I get ZERO encouragement and support.
In any case, I will MAKE DO without your support, and ATTAIN SUCCESS anyhow!

I don’t know about this thing you keep mentioning lol @Chess24


I wish you a lot of luck in these endeavors.

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What is there not to know @anon96660997 ?
In 10-15 years genetic modification in humans will develop enough that it will be available.
(As I already wrote here).

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you must be a patient person wanting to wait 15 years. ill be around 40 by then most of my best years gone =(

but i will live to 100 so that doesnt matter

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Maybe you don’t get any replies because you’re talking to the wrong people.
This is a rcovery-oriented site for people with schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders.

Yet all you talk about is genetic parameters and what you want to study, or how amazing a workout you had. You refuse to acknowledge therapy and medicine as valid options, and you won’t talk about your illness.

It’s clear to everyone but you that you’re delusional, and that you were better off when you were on medication.

Perphaps you would be better off with a forum for people who study mathematics, or people who believe in genetic engineering.
Sometimes I wonder why you’re on here at all. You don’t seem to want to talk about what the forum is for talking about, and you don’t seem to like many of us.


I will move to Switzerland.
The motivation to move to Switzerland is low, but I won’t be able to live in Israel.

I think you are obsessed with genetic parameters and with escaping to foreign countries. Why?

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@Om_Sadasiva , I want a change of genetic parameters for it can improve my life.
As for a move abroad- I would rather not- but I can’t help it.

He didn’t hear a thing you said Nova.


He tends to ignore me. I should give up, but I guess I’m hoping one day he’ll read my posts and think to himself even for a second that maybe I’m onto something.

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He ignores women. Whatever. I am over being irritated at him. He’ll either get better or not. Our words don’t mean anything.

You post this “genetic parameters” thing at least once a day lately,

Will you cut it out?

Just looking at your responses in this post makes me upset,

You are so condescending.

I don’t know why the moderators allow you to post on this site,

You’re anti-psychiatry and you’re a complete ass.


After my parameters are changed I will have an attractive, younger physique and a HUGE schlong.

I will move to California and become the world’s most famous pr0n star.



We’re not in the habit of denying access to the site except in very rare circumstances and only with @SzAdmin 's approval.

I did combine two similar Chess24 genetic parameter threads into this single thread earlier today to try to cut down on redundant threads.

If a post or thread violates forum guidelines, please flag it for moderation. If a post or thread or user is annoying you, please just ignore them.

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Unfortunately I think the only way Chess will cease this kind of thing is if he’s court mandated to have treatment…

I thought you were going to India or China for research and development.

Now it’s Switzerland? What’s in Switzerland?

lmaoo this is too funny!@151515151