After a change of genetic parameters, I will study at a lithuanian yeshiva in Jerusalem

After a change of genetic parameters, I will study at a lithuanian yeshiva in Jerusalem

I’m not sure the technology for that will be around before we expire. I suggest you started working towards your goals now. If you feel you need a miracle, turn to your G*d instead of expecting it from humans.

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@Andrey, in 10-15 years a change of genetic parameters will be available.

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I would be more than happy if such a thing occurred. But I have serious doubts.

It is going to happen @Andrey !

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@Chess24 Genetic solutions may or may not come about in the course of time. Meanwhile you need to treat your illness by the most effective way currently known which is antipsychotic medication and therapy.

It’s sad to see how you are as you are obviously a bright fellow with potential; if only you would take sensible measures in the here and now to tackle your illness .


Yet you’ll have no coping skills. You’ll have spent the previous 10-15 years wasting away not developing any skills. Even if these so called ‘genetic changes’ are possible, you won’t be able to cope. Every other person will have these so called genetic parameters and you’ll end up in the same situation as before.

My suggestion is to get help now. Try to get stable and get on medication. And try to get on disability if they offer it.

I’m taking a class at the local college in spring, I’m walking, and I’m taking medication. I’ve been through therapy. What I really need is to lose weight, and be around others. I need to drive more.

It’d be kind of strange to one day go from ‘nothing’ to full-functioning the next after some kind of genetic engineering session. It ain’t happening.


They were telling us that 40 years ago. Also? We were all supposed to have flying cars by now.

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Progress is happening @velociraptor, albeit not as quickly as I would have liked.
The changes are gradual and they take time.

It never does. I’m still holding out hope for a self-contained, artificial heart, but the tech won’t get there before my current one gives out. I’ll have to put it in the same fantasy category as winning lotto tickets.

@velociraptor, you have to support progress, even if you personally won’t live long enough to benefit
from it.
There are your daughter that might want\need it and future generations.
I support gradual progress.

After a change of genetic parameters I’m going to enter Mr universe and Miss world and win both :wink:

I believe that in at most 25-30 years( and maybe sooner, as fast as 10-15 years) it will be possible to change the genetic parameters.
I have some chance to survive till then and you too, @velociraptor .
Try to live as healthy as possible.

It might be possible @firemonkey !
You understand well that as things stand, we are limited by our current genetic parameters.
However , with a change of parameters, and maybe some luck, anything is possible.

I don’t think you understand biology.
Even if you changed your genetics, your brain wouldn’t be fixed overnight.
The damage to it is most likely permanent, and genetics wouldn’t be able to fully reverse that.

The longer you go without medicines, the more damage you risk.

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@Pikasaur, there are males that are fat(which is bad for health), that masturbate(erections are bad for health),
and smoke and spend no time at health club at all and live in toxic air and are still energetic and able to function.
Even if some permanent damage is done to me by schizophrenia( I will refrain from psychiatry to avoid self
inflicted damage) if my genetic parameters are good enough, I will do well.

Just you wait and see I’ll be genetically engineered hermaphrodite of the year 2033 :wink:

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Hahaha I wish that you live long enough for that!

I have not studied any genetic programming and I think I just wait and see what happens. I may be too old for genetic programming when it becomes available for the public You who are younger may benefit from this new genetic engineering.

@mjseu even old people can be active.
You can go to health club, work, study, draw, participate in chess competitions, sit with mathematics books
and prove theorems… There are a lot of exciting things that you can do with good parameters!

Although I advise you to try to do something already now.