Affective flattening / emotional blunting / flat affect reducing supplements


Affective flattening aka blunted affect, flat affect is the prominent negative symptoms in many mental illness whether its schizophrenia, bipolar, depression etc. It can also be seen in general anxiety, obssesive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder etc as a way to avoid the stressful situation. Main symptom in affective flattening is a gradual reduction in the amount of emotions a person feels whether its happy, sad, anger etc. This can be noticed in the facial, body expressions and in the talks too. In this thread I’ll give a list of natural supplements which will help you to lessen the affective flattening. When affective flattening reduces cognitive symptoms also improve thus reducing the affective flattening is one of the major treatment goal to reduce negative symptoms.

Omega 3 fish oil soft gel capsule providing DHA and EPA. Try to take top quality one as we need only 1 per day. Top brands to choose from include Nordiac Naturals, Now Foods etc. Take it just before having dinner.

Phosphatidylserine sunflower version 100 mg soft gel capsule. Take it preferably around 5 PM in an empty stomach. Timing can be varied but make sure taking with an empty stomach for maximum absorption. If you are working out then best time to take is few minutes before ending workout as it can reduce cortisol for better muscle recovery.

DMG 125 mg on an empty stomach every morning especially on workout days as it helps in improving mood and gives energy boost etc.

Vitamin B12 methyl version on an empty stomach. Dosage can be varied based on your current blood b12 levels. B12 is stimulating so take it early in the morning just like DMG on an empty stomach. No need to take b12 everyday but useful especially if your current b12 level is not optimal.

Phosphatidylserine soy version 100 mg. Soy version is found to bring more stimulating effect like vitamin b12 thus useful to take it in day time.

Also make sure your Vitamin D level and thyroid level is in optimal range as low vitamin D and thyroid level can itself contribute to negative symptoms.

Above supplements help in memory, reduces depression, improves cognition, improves workout performance and have many other uses too thus all can benefit from these and best part is its totally safe with no side effects.

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I take similar stuff, many of the same things, and I do well.

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