How can I get rid of flat affect?

I don’t know if it’s liked to my negative symptoms or my medication but I’m really annoyed by what people are calling "flat affect"
It’s been months that I’m feeling emotionally “flat”, I can’t feel anything anymore, my emotions are gone and I can’t express what I’m feeling, it’s horrible, I’m like a machine.
So I wanted to ask, is this symptom going to disappear someday although I’m schizophrenic, Does medication against this exist ? I’ve tried sarcosine but it didn’t work
I don’t really want to live all my life like this, feeling nothing and unable to experience pleasure

Sarcosine really helps me as does meditation and coffee.

It helped you to get your emotions back ?

Yes, all those things did in combination.

i think you should talk to your doctor about this tbh, maybe he can help you somehow.

Sometimes it comes down to retraining the brain, fake it until you make it.


For me it was a med change… to help me get up and get moving again.

therapy helped me get used to people again…

and also a fake it till I make it attitude that I have to pull once in a while.

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It’ll happen naturally. I went through high school like a zombie and I didn’t know how dead I looked until I saw myself in the mirror while talking. I’m talking about laughing without smiling lol looks creepy asf. It turned out to be self conscious issues turning into something more numb. Also meds Will sometimes relax muscles making it harder to show normal emotions. Being comfortable helps. In dreams you can experience a variety of “new” emotions that helps…it’ssmore than just the physical manifestations of emotions that we see as a reaction. Find it at the core

It can be improved by improving sleep at night. Try to go to bed early and make sure getting at least 8 hrs sleep at night. You can compare the selfies taken early morning and at night and notice that early morning face not appear so flat like night time. This suggests sleep deprivation or lack of quality sleep might be one of the possible cause of flat affect.

Additionally you can try a supplement called phosphatidylserine soy version. Phosphatidylserine soy free version is less stimulating more sleep inducing but soy version more useful for getting quick relief from flat affect. Both useful as you can take soy version during day time for reducing flat affect and soy free version close to night to improve night time sleep quality.