Advice Please! Is this prodromal schizophrenia?

Hi I’m new to the forum. I’m just after a bit of advice as I’m a bit confused as to what’s going on with me. Been seeing pdoc but I’ve had alot of confusion with different diagnoses and doctor seems confused too.

6 months ago I was studying to be a doctor looking after my son, life was really good (quite stressful but ok!).

Then my personality changed, mood swings along with my sleeping pattern, I didn’t sleep for 6 days at one point. I eventually had to pull out of uni and my sons being looked after by someone else as aparrently my behaviour was erratic. :confused: I would go out driving around in circles losing track of time and been getting in trouble with the police as I thought that they were playing games with me so I therefore decided I would play back. Furthermore I started feeling really paranoid about cars following me, people talking about me and about the medical professionals around me.

I constantly feel like the world looks different like its false and I get the floor shifting and walls breathing alot of the time. I also see transparent bugs or black flies in the corner of my eye alot. I get these really strange thoughts in my head like on the bus there was knocking and i thought there was someone trapped under the bus which i really believed for a few minutes then realised maybe it was a silly idea. Or I feel like some news articles online are for me. Also when i look at people their faces morph into other things its quite scary sometimes! Lots more but I don’t want to write a novel!

I’ve been hospitalised about 8 times been diagnosed with adjustment disorder, borderline, depression, anxiety, acute stress reaction, physcosis, bipolar by different professionals as they cannot agree. I really would appreciate some advice, I’m finding it hard to cope as they’re keeping me medication free so they can make a new diagnosis. Just want things to go back to the way they were :frowning:

Welcome Kiara. I recognize some symptoms from when I became ill. Like the walls breathing and flies that I could not catch.

I cannot tell if it is schizophrenia or not. I am no professional. But it is good that you have contact with a psychiatrist.

Is it getting worse or better? I was thinking you are unmedicated. To have sz you need to be psychotic more than 6 months.

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Thanks for replying. It’s been about 6 months now and things are definitly not getting better for me. Especially the sleeping. I’ve had a court psychiatrist tell me he thinks that I am developing it but my normal one isn’t really agreeing. I’m pretty sure they’re playing games with my head… :confused:

I got that a lot with doctors too, everyone i saw said i had something different.
It’s not so much diagnosis as it is treating the condition.
Doctors don’t usually like diagnosing people with schizophrenia until they exclude everything els.
What doctor do you feel more comfortable with? Thats a good place to start.

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At the moment I have to stick with the doctor who wants me to be medication free. He’s okay but I’m not sure if he takes me seriously sometimes. Just wanting to get better and feel like I’m getting nowhere. Going to be seeing a physcologist soon too hopefully they might help shed some light!

yeah thats sound sketchy ask the psychologist to refer you?


Hi. What country are you in?

If you’re in Australia - I recomend you call this organization and go to them if they are not too far from you:

Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health main office is located in Parkville, Victoria.

Street Address: 35 Poplar Rd, Parkville VIC 3052
Post: Locked Bag 10, Parkville VIC 3052 Australia

Phone: 1300 679 436

If you are in another country - then the lists of Early Psychosis Treatment centers would be a good starting point.

These centers are entirely focused on helping people with the early symptoms of psychosis, which it seems you may have and you need to get a full evaluation.

I’m in New Zealand, yeah I might do that. I think it’s because I’m aware somethings up with me maybe? Like maybe their ego or something haha I don’t know. I’ve had 3 different doctors tell me I need to be on meds and that I will develop it but because I moved cities that’s why I had to get a new doctor.

Here are some groups closer to you. Call and go tomorrow. These centers are the best places for you because they really understand what you are going through.

Click on the link at the top of the page that says “Where are our Services”

Here is another group in South Aukland:

and another group:

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Thanks I will do so. Hopefully will be more help than what I’m getting at the moment! :smile:

Call them - and if there is not an office that is close to you - call them and ask them about recommendations for an office that is close to you. The first group on the list - their web site is not very good so I’m not sure how good the organization is.

Perhaps start with these two offices:

Here is another group in South Aukland:

and another group:

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