Advice Column Thread

Go ahead…ask me anything.

I will decode the mysteries of life and set you free on a path of enlightenment! :wink:


And by the way. It really is true that cats and Bill Cosby cause Schizophrenia!

“Ya puts the foozle flop in the fizzle floop…yazee??”

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How does one go about getting a big ego?

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Big egos are either earned or fabricated.

All I know is whenever I get up a couple hundred bucks in my bank account, I start getting cocky and walk with a swagger!

It’s pretty fleeting though, as the money I’m up usually gets put quickly toward a utility bill…or rent…groceries…etc.

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I can help you get big Legos, lol. They’re called Duplos.

Leggo of my ego.

How about some Lincoln Logs instead?

Possibly the worst advice ever??

My father-in-law’s neighbour was dying of terminal cancer and he suggested the dude read “The Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies” to help cure his disease!!


I wish I had more swag. How can I became a swaggier person?

Swag is a state of mind.

Don’t dwell on the negative. Endorse yourself for all of your accomplishments and the swag will follow! :wink:

Confident people are sexy and magnetic.

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That reminds me, my stepmom once asked me what swag meant, and I said it was when you were confident in a cool way, and used Snoop Dogg as an expample for someone who has a lot of swag.

She paused for a bit and then went “well, what if I don’t think Snoop Dogg has swag?”

My dear, then you don’t understand swag.

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I always laugh when I’m driving and i see some kid all dressed up in rapper gear…the backwards ballcap…the baggy pants…the bling.

I always turn to my wife and say…

“That’s the I’m not famous, but I should be” style of dress. :laughing:

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My 75 year old Barber’s advice?

“If you want a peaceful life, the less people you talk to the better”

Which is hilarious coming from him because that’s all he does all day…cut hair and talk to people!

should i care that my president is an incompetent a-hole?

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