Accumulated environmental risk determining age at schizophrenia onset: a study

Schizophrenia is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors, as first evidenced by twin studies. Extensive efforts have been made to identify the genetic roots of schizophrenia, including large genome-wide association studies, but these yielded very small effect sizes for individual markers. In this study, we aimed to assess the relative contribution of genome-wide association study-derived genetic versus environmental risk factors to crucial determinants of schizophrenia severity: disease onset, disease severity, and socioeconomic measures.

In this study, we could show that frequent environmental factors become a major risk for early schizophrenia onset when accumulated (prodrome begins up to 9 years earlier). In particular, cannabis use—an avoidable environmental risk factor—is highly significantly associated with earlier age at prodrome.

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Good article. Makes total sense.
To think that all these things also come from relatives and our ancestors-including where they lived, what conditions they lived under, what country,all of those factors are in our dna.
To think that some of this comes out of wars, the holocaust,etc…it`s mindboggling that all of that stays in our genes!

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Every day,we see new studies around the sz,all have seek to find the cause of sz,
specially the genetic researches

-,all these studies are building on constant idea that;
the schizophrenia is a genetic disease,
therefore, it must be there is a defective gene who is
responsible about produces the sz

In fact,there are many causes that make all studies are fail to find the ill claimed gene.
we hope that,all scientists have seek to know these causes {obstacles } before they
practice their studies

1-the schizophrenia has been appeared by the manifestation of the hallucination
in the psychological component of the person,causing a state of chemical imbalance
in the brain and a state of cognitive imbalance in the mind

2- the existential case of the hallucination is the inner symptoms of sz "the existential symptom of sz "
3-practice the functional activity by the hallucination in the mind-brain of the individual
causing all types of disorders {chemistry,thought and behavior}

4-it is clears that,the hallucination is the actual cause of the symptoms of disorders,
SO THAT,it is supposed that,all studies do not seek to find the cause of schizophrenia
symptoms,but it should be focus on the specific cause who is creating the cause of schizophrenia

=in other words,the research about the cause must be focus on the cause who is
creates the hallucination itself and gives it ““bestow”” all its functional characteristics

5-therefore,it must be all studies has seek to find the defective gene who is creates
the hallucination and gives it all its functional activities

to do that,you should have correct knowledgeable about the things that so-called
hallucination,and know all aspects of its activities,that is to be able to LIMITATION
the conforming gene

*but all researchers has insist to ignore or despise any attempt to know the main facts of the things that they call them "hallucination *

6- the current condition,all studies has seeks to find a defective gene for sz without any limitation,instead
they search about a gene responsible about all types of symptoms of schizophrenia !

-it is impossible to find one defective gene can create all different symptoms of sz
{it is illogical to find one single gene responsible to create the manifestation of chemical imbalance,negative and positive symptoms including the paranoia,delusions,false beliefs,
lang disorder,loss attention,social withdraw…etc !!}}
7-they will fail to find any gene for these symptoms,and if they know the reality of hallucination they will believe that :there is no human gene to produce the hallucination
(the sz cause itself}