Accepting the Unacceptable

After years of looking for the perfect drug I thought I found it in Latuda only to have severe side effects of anxiety, mood swings, diarrhea, insomnia and other terrible things. I acted so manic that my activities became unacceptable to others and I was taken off of it and told that the voices never really would go away. If they told me that when the psychosis began I may have committed suicide. But instead after decades of dealing with the voices I decided to live with them at the reduced volume that invega provided. Now I am happier and wish they had told me that sooner. Of course I can’t nail down the time when I would have not tried suicide again (I tried it soon after the voices became acute) but it would have helped to accept them sooner. I also accepted that the doctors knew more than me or the internet health sites and that I was finally on the right track as imperfect as it was. Obviously some folks can fully recover but if you have had it for decades I wouldn’t hold my breath on it really ending. It can improve with age as you actually get used to it but you can’t always expect a miracle. Just my two cents.

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Have you done everything which can be done?:confused:

Everything short of taking clozaril. After the Latuda experience I don’t care to mess with taking a different drug.

I am resigned to paddling my boat and bailing it out at the same time for life. I just have to paddle harder to stay up with the rest of the boats.