About to see my nurse practitioner

I’m sitting in the waiting room of my nurse practitioner and I see her in 30 min… I’m really nervous. When I see her I plan to ask to go on natural mood stabilizers and such. I know natural stuff isn’t for everyone but most natural stuff does wonders for me… I hope she’s open to it but even if she’s not I’m coming off it…


I always get nervous waiting to talk to my Dr especially in the waiting room

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@Turtle42 I usually don’t… That’s the weird part… My nurse practitioner tends to be a honest but kind woman so we’ll see

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How did it go @Twialine ?


Sorry for the late reply! @bobbilly @Turtle42
so it went really well! She addressed my concerns and suggested a change in med to something that will allow me to get the copper IUD removed and use other birth control and it is safe to get pregnant and continue after delivery! So I am changing to LamoTRIgine


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