Abilify pill cutter that I bought


It works really well on the 5 and 10 mg pills that I have. As I’m on 7.5mg now, I’m hoping it will work just as well on 15mg pills.


I’ve never even considered cutting my pills in half… I take abilify 10mg… in the past when I would wean myself off, I would take it every second day. Thanks for the link, I will have to check it out.

whoa! and those pills are TINY!!

Abilify has such a long half life that you could just take 15mg every 2 days.

I never understood the half life thing. This way I’m guaranteed the daily dose. I mean if it has a large half life, does taking 15mg every second day just mean it takes longer to reach 15mg plasma levels and then hey presto you’re at 15 mg levels. I’ve no idea, but this way I can be sure.

I did seriously consider what your suggesting though, but in the end, I just wanted to be sure.

Before abilify went generic and was $100 for a 30 day supply, I had my pdoc prescribe 2x my dose so I could cut the pills in half and effectively get a 60 day supply for the cost of a 30 day supply since cost is based on length of time and not mg.

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I don’t know if its just mine but the 15mg ones that I have to cut in my mouth melt before I can swollow them.

There’s a type of abilify tablet called Orodispersible , and it quickly dissolves in your mouth. You can get the non Orodispersible type if it’s easier.

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I am thinking of getting one too,i cut my 10mg abilify pill into half,i might be unstable because the pill I cut is not exactly balance…

5mg is a low sub therapeutic dose, it didn’t work out for me either. I’m still sub therapeutic at 7.5 though, I’m just hoping that works out.

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Just FYI, it doesn’t work so well on the ultra tiny 15mg tablets. It does work very well on 5 and 10. I might have to get my 7.5mg by splitting 5mg tablets in future.

I recently switched from 15 to 10mg, and this coincided with a switch to the generic version. Those 10mg pills have a breakline in it. I am not sure whether the original Abilify 10 mg have this as well? If not, maybe its a trait of the generic type and you might be able to get 15mg generic with a breakline as well.

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That’s useful info. Are the generic pills the same size or did you never try the non generic 10mg pills?

No I never had the non-generic 10mg, only 15mg. The 10mg generic is about as tiny as the 15mg non-generic. But it is slightly oval instead of round, with the breakline across the shorter side. This allows for you to break them in half more easily.

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Sounds exactly like the 10mg non generic, except for the break line.