A wasp sting

Sure I was stung by a wasp earlier. Felt a sharp sting through my trouser leg. Over an hour later and I can still feel it a little.


I’m so sorry, that’s an ouchie for sure

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I think baking soda can make it feel better. Or is it lemon juice? One of them helps


I’ve got neither.

the wasps are really aggressive this time of year, the can feel their little lives being cut short


A cold pack helps


Ouch! Sorry you got hurt.

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The sting triggered some paranoid thoughts ie what if it lead to my tissue necrotising. My mind can really do a number on me sometimes.

Do you have any Benadryl gel? That stuff usually helps me a bit with bug bites and stings.

Also wasps are my worst nightmare. :confounded:

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No gel unfortunately.

Oh, that is unfortunate. Do you have any kind of allergy meds at all?

No allergy meds as I don’t get allergies.

I’ve tried some Savlon. Probably won’t work .

I would have to go to the Emergency Room if I got stung by a Wasp.
I’m sensitive to bee (wasp) stings.

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