A thread about...human sexuality!

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Bloody hell mate, I just SPLORFED my tea on the cat. Five points to you. Bahstid.


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@MrSquirrel you may be one of the most stable people here

Ooooooh, not last month, but thank you for the kind words.


My memory is poor, right now, but when I see a comment from you, I read it and think. Thank you

My boyfriend and I have only been having sex once every four months.

I think I would like more often but I want intimacy and that both parties are willing and consenting but I plan on moving away from my boyfriend but hopefully we can stay friends and see what happens.

I met a woman the other week that I was attracted to and I thought then maybe I could have a romantic relationship with a woman.
I think that’s the first time I have thought that thought.
I really want a penis but with the right woman other things may be more important.

I have never had a romantic relationship with a woman or thought I would but if we have attraction and so I would give it a go.
That just came from last week.

I have my menapause but can get aroused.
I don’t get aroused unless interacting.

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I have a place in my heart for terry davis. I was heartbroken when he passed away

I used to be very athletic but after what schiz and the meds have done to my body i dont feel comfortable having sex.

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Agree gotta have sex as much as possible they say it is good for peoples Mental Health

Isle of Man Bud!

What do you mean the ‘normie’ world as far as iam concerned everyone on this forum and with are condition is normal

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